The Mussoorie Mountain Festival was founded in 2005 by Stephen Alter in conjunction with Mussoorie Writers. It was initially established with the aim of celebrating Mussoorie’s Literary Heritage. It has since redefined itself to become a broader Mountain Festival at the heart of which is a community celebration of Himalayan culture, natural history and exploration.

2019 Festival

The theme of the 2019 Festival revolves around Health and Risk Management for Outdoor Programs in the Himalaya. The festival begins with a musical/cultural event on the evening of March 7th, followed by sessions on the 8th and 9th. All sessions on March 8th will be at Parker Hall. On the 9th, sessions will be at Hanifl Centre where the audience will comprise folks from the outdoor industry, mountaineers and nature enthusiasts.

Do you like to hike, explore the mountains,
Are you in love with the Himalaya

If yes! Then, Join us from March 7th to 9th for Mussoorie Mountain Festival by Hanifl Centre at Woodstock School, Mussoorie

Hanifl Centre Presents

Mussoorie Mountain Festival

7th to 9th March 2019
at Woodstock School

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